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GEO 1 - Geomorphology and The Water cycle



This module demonstrates the effect of the morphology of the surface on the water cycle. It introduces students to the windward and the leeward side of a mountain: the first is cloudy and wet, whereas the second is sunny and dry.



GEO 2 - Water Consumption: Around the World Edition


This module presents information on water consumption patterns in 8 countries around the world. By comparing statistical data within and between countries, students will sharpen their analytic and synthetic thinking skills.

GEO 3 - Transboundary Rivers of Europe


This module introduces students to the idea of transboundary water bodies and, more specifically, transboundary European rivers. Transboundary water bodies are of paramount importance: according to the United Nations, “depleted and degraded transboundary water supplies have the potential to cause social unrest and spark conflict within and between countries.”

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